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Flying Fantastic

TSG were contracted by Flying Fantastic to design and install a truss grid into their new premises that they intended to convert to be a fitness studio with a circus theme. There were a few interesting issues to deal with in the design process namely the shape of the building and the different activities wishing to happen…

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Total Solutions Group were contacted by Ewan Elder of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo to come up with a solution to designing a covered stage system at Edinburgh Castle. The twist being that the stage had to live in the bottom of the Castle’s dry moat by day and rise above the parapet wall by…

Claire Cotterill – Bespoke Art Installation

Total Solutions Group are proud to have contributed to an incredible commission from Bromford Housing, which took just over a year to complete. Claire Cotterill Mosaics was asked to create bespoke artwork for a new housing development in Stourport-upon-Severn and the results were breath-taking. Claire Cotterill is an artist with over 20 years experience of…

UK Rigging – Spider lift at the Leeds Grand Theatre

TSG were contacted by UK Rigging to create a solution for the inspection of a plasterwork ceiling at the Leeds Grande Theatre. They wanted to drive a spider lift into the centre of the auditorium to be able to fully inspect all areas of the ceiling from a single position. This would entail the construction of a platform…

DLM – Balloon Baskets

TSG were contacted by DLM to design and manufacture a ‘basket’ capable of 400kgs that allows for persons to be able to be winched vertically for an observation ride. There were a number of obstacles and design challenges to overcome. Firstly, the basket had to be as lightweight as possible. A series of guide wires…

League of Gentlemen Tour

TSG were approached to manufacture the set for the League of Gentlemen touring show. The brief began at the beginning of June with basic design drawings from Duncan McLean showing the intent. This was a particularly difficult project primarily due to some of the venues being really quite small coupled with a distinct lack of spare…

Reinhard Bonnke Farewell Campaign, Nigeria

Coming from Germany, Reinhard Bonnke started in Africa in 1967, now 50 years later he held his final farewell to Africa. Principally known for his gospel campaigns he has been an evangelist and missionary to Africa. Reinhard Bonnke has overseen 75 million recorded conversations to Christ. The scene for his farewell was the city of…

UK Rigging Ground Support Structures at Leeds and Reading Festival

UK RIGGING GROUND SUPPORT STRUCTURES AT LEEDS AND READING FESTIVAL with TSG SUPPLIED TRUSS With the festival season reaching its peak on the August bank holiday, UK Rigging was busy constructing two self-climbing ground support structures at two of the UK’s largest outdoor festivals. Reading festival received a 6 legged structure on its NME /…

ELO Alone in the Universe Tour Wembley

For those lucky enough to have been at the ELO Alone in the Universe tour at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 24th June they will have seen a sight not witnessed in this vicinity since 1978. The classic Wurlitzer inspired flying saucer that has become the talisman of ELO was once again flying above the band…

Still Game Live 2017 Arena Show

Still Game Live 2017 Still Game is a Scottish comedy institution and is a TV series predominantly. However, from time to time the cast decide to do an arena show in the SSE Hydro. This was last undertaken in 2014. For this version we manufactured a series of set pieces in line with the TV…

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Tour

Strictly Come Dancing has become a bit of an institution and to celebrate its 10th birthday on tour their designers wanted to splash out and buy a new C stage. The design of the new central dance area was agreed to be a lozenge shape which provides for larger dance area, it was also decided that the…

MTV Europe Music Awards 2017

MTV Europe Music Awards Total solutions Group were contacted by a prominent designer to look at a quick turn-around project for the MTV Europe Music Awards show. Our initial thought was that this was impossible in the timeframe given the bespoke nature of the project. The brief; to provide a 6 metre diameter hemisphere, which was to be…

The 14bis Replica

The 14bis is very famous in Brazil  but little known over here. 14bis was the 14th design by Santos Dumont , a Brazilian who lived in France. 14bis was the first heavier than air device to take off from the ground under its own power. We were tasked with making a full size replica of…

Pet Shop Boys

TSG were successful in securing the order to build 5 bespoke flown rings for the Pet Shop Boys tour. The brief was to supply 5 rings from 1.5 metre diameter up to 8.5 metre diameter which were flown from drop cables to form various looks on stage. Each ring had its own power supplied and…

The Elphinstone Theatre of Tower Hall Theatre Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Elphinstone Theatre of Tower Hall Theatre Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka Total Solutions were commissioned by Lightstorm Trading, in the UK and Mahinda Dias Engineers (Pvt) Ltd, in Sri Lanka to design and manufacture a bespoke aluminium catwalk truss for the Elphinstone Theatre of Tower Hall Theatre Foundation. The Theatre itself, a beautiful blend of…

Studio 360 Pop Up Theatre

Studio 360 Pop Up Theatre After the hugely successful Studio 360 pop up theatre we were approached by Howard Eaton Lighting to be involved in the exciting successor to the original. The principle would be the same again, a theatre in the round. Only this time a much larger version. We ended up creating a…

DJ Sigala at V Festival, Weston Park

As it was summer it seemed like a well suited time to build a Tiki style beach hut for DJ Sigala. Now we’re used to tight deadlines but this time there was no room for error. Start to finish we were given just 14 days. The brief was to create a pair of 8’ x…

Katy Perry Cannes Festival 2016

Katy Perry Cannes Festival 2016 TSG were given the brief by Es Devlin to create a crescent moon shaped structure for the event at Cannes. The moon was to have a truss like quality to it and needed to incorporate a seating position made of clear polycarbonate. The finish of the moon was to be shiny…

Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2016

Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2016 Mel from “The Great British bake off” was the compere  and we were tasked with making a cake for her to come out of as her entrance to the show. This was a 1.7 metre diameter 4 tiered design which split open. It was decorated to look like a wedding…

Ellie Goulding Delirium Tour

Total Solutions Group were awarded the contract to supply a series of lighting pods for the upcoming Ellie Goulding Delirium Tour. Originally the brief was for the lighting pods to raise and lower with Kinesys during the show to create different visual effects. Unfortunately this requirement got cancelled, however we were asked to still design…

Truss Installation at the Walsall Forest Arts Centre

Total Solutions Group was contacted by local company, Stage Services Limited, to look at a large truss installation project for the Walsall Forest Arts Centre. The Centre wanted to convert one of its halls into a multipurpose venue to compliment its existing facilities with headroom being the key design criteria. The design of the truss…

Strongbow Tree – Quintessental Productions

This project was about creating a structure for festivals that housed a bar, DJ booth and viewing deck all based around the Strongbow Cider logo. As with most projects, budget was critical and so a lot of the elements came from the existing rental stock of various suppliers and clients to which we had to…

Plymouth University Wavepool

Total Solutions were contacted by Enlightened Lighting to look at designing and supplying a catwalk system to span the University of Plymouths wavepool. The systems had to connect to the universities existing runway beams that already housed the original steel catwalk. A second steel catwalk was deemed to be too heavy for the needs required…

RSC Flown Production Desk

We were commissioned to help the RSC solve a production problem they were encountering. During programming for shows a series of temporary desks were being carried in and out to house lighting desks and similar. This had to happen at the start and end of most rehearsal days. The solution was a flown production desk.…

Baku Libra Stage and Chandelier

We were awarded the contract to design, manufacture, build, install, maintain and dismantle the Libra stage which in essence is a huge set of old fashioned weighing scales...

Michael Palin Books

For the Michael Palin project we supplied a series of arched gates that pin together to form the carcass of the books.

Take That Tour III

TSG were contracted to help build parts of the stage for the latest Take That III tour. The project rapidly grew in size and subsequently it became a far larger project than what was initially quoted.

Take That Brit Awards Ball of Fire

TSG were asked to produce a framework structure for the recent BRIT Awards for the Take That set during the show.

Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2015

After 7 years of sterling service it was decided to replace the main ‘Strictly’ stage in line with the ever changing requirements of the show.

Winter Olympics exhibition in Moscow

Total Solutions Group was tasked with taking the Winter Olympics opening ceremony to the people of Moscow.

Double Space – Visual Case Study

A visual case study looking behind the scenes of Double Space - a major installation at the 2014 London Design Festival.

London Design Festival – Reflections of contemplation

The divisions between architecture and art have become ever more blurred in recent years, so no one should be surprised to find room-spanning mirrored structures suspended in the Raphael Gallery at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the London Design Festival.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – 20th Century Objects

Total Solutions Group was awarded contracts for various pieces of scenery and other equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympics.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – Chandelier

Total Solutions Group was awarded contracts for various pieces of scenery and other equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympics.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – Ships

Total Solutions Group was awarded contracts for various pieces of scenery and other equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympics.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – Train

Total Solutions Group was awarded contracts for various pieces of scenery and other equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympics.

Gary Barlow – an exercise in Total restraint

Much to the relief of many a discerning punter, there are some artists who simply do not need the bling that blights so many stage show these days.

Venetian Blinds for the Pet Shop Boys

Total Solutions’ main brief was to invent a giant projection surface that disappears in the blink of an eye to reveal a wall of lights and strobes and then to return as if by magic.

Loop the Loop

When Total Solutions was asked if we could design and build a loop the loop in 4 weeks we thought that we had already heard it all.

London Arts in Health, Fidget Project

Artist Michael Pinsky launches Fidget, a campaign run by London Arts in Health Forum to highlight the facts about physical activity and the way it affects our health.

London Paralympics – The Apple

The Apple was another moving prop used in the London 2012 paralympic opening ceremony.

London Paralympics – The Book

'The Book ' was one of four moving props we manufactured for the Paralympic opening ceremony. The idea was for two athletes to be atop of large moving ' roladex' type structure that constantly rotated the pages of the declaration of human rights.

London Olympics – Tipper Trucks

The designer wanted to get Freddie Mercury into the show, to get the crowd going, and what better way to do this than project his image onto 4, 6.5 metre x 3.6 metre projection screens, which were then to be fitted to the back of 4 x three and a half tonne tipper trucks!

London Olympics – Rock and Roll Stage

"We need a stage for the acts to perform on. Can you make it in time ", was the call from the production manager and was in the middle of all the other work we were doing for the closing ceremony.

London Olympics – Baby Phoenix

"Can you make a set piece to fly Darcey Bussell from the roof of the stadium to the centre of the field of play?" No pressure for us then!

London Olympics – The Gherkin

The brief was to provide a scale size model emulating the look of the Gherkin with the 'twist' that a number of trapeze artists would run around it and jump through it.

London Olympics – St Pauls

The model of St Pauls Cathedral was the second of the 'Waterloo Sunset' pieces for the London 2012 closing ceremony.

London Olympics – Big Ben

Chris Vaughan awarded us the contract to manufacture a scale model of that classic London landmark, Big Ben, or the Elizabeth tower, as it is now formally known.

London Olympics – The Galleon

Dan Shipton, from London 2012 Ceremonies, gave us our first Olympic order which was for a 15 metre long galleon to be used in the Closing Ceremony. The design was to be based on a long boat and had to be pushed around by 16 persons inside the hull.

London Olympics – Tower Bridge Rings

Remember these ? Total Solutions manufactured the 'Olympic rings and supporting grid' for Stage One who then wove there magic to hang them off Tower Bridge.

Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Scarborough open air theatre represents a UK first for a Total Solutions EHD roof system.