Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2015

Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2015

After 7 years of sterling service it was decided to replace the main stage in line with the ever changing requirements of the show for the Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2015. To this end TSG were sent a new overlay for the main stage which would allow more access to the side to get bigger props on and off stage.

The new main stage had to be designed to integrate with the original curved steps and band rostra.This was achieved by referring to the original drawing and setting out the desired scheme. The stage was first assembled in rehearsals without a hitch and the integration was perfect.

The client brief was equivocal “I’ll send you a link to a scene in the show…can you make one”. The team viewed the grainy image on the You Tube video and went on to build a bespoke spiral staircase 2.95 metre tall and finished it in sparkly silver trim on a base with castors so it could be moved around the stage.

It was specified that 4 hemispheres of mirror ball needed to be rented. A system was to be designed to integrate with the battery powered wireless LED system to operate independently of both. The mirror balls were mains powered so some of the battery power had to be taken to invert the voltage up to mains. In order to make them work on DMX a single circuit DMX switch was added which talked to the wireless. So by all accounts it worked exceptionally well.

The final little brain teaser was in the form of a pair of propellers required to be on a mobile plinth so they could be moved around stage. We were sent a manual on ‘the Supermarine Spitfire’ and asked to make 2 three quarter scale Mk 8 Spitfire propeller blades and cowlings which had to spin at 16rpm, but with the option to vary the speed. This is where a flying enthusiast friend at ‘Fineline’ was consulted to see what he could come up with propeller wise. As luck would have it, he was able to find a step file for the one and same propeller. The propeller was mounted on a column and a suitable motor gearbox system fitted and sent off to the show two days before rehearsal finished. The result was very pleasing!

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