Ground Supports And Grids

mega arch lift

providing ground support for all events

Ground supports and grid, whether they are self-climbing, or static, are a Total Solutions Group speciality. Indoor, outdoor, small or truly monstrous in size we are the only people to talk to about your project. With over 40 years Total Solutions Group is the pioneer of designing and manufacturing the very first ground supports systems, experience that is carried through to the present. 

Manufacturing the supports you need

Small or big, we have you covered

Total Solutions Group experience in ground supports and mothergrids is unparalleled. Venues through the UK and the world use Total Solutions Group products to provide highly flexible live performance venues, capable of support the largest incoming shows. Capable of taking vast loads to satisfy the modern requirements tours you can be sure that your product has been manufactured to the highest UK and European standards to give you peace of mind.  

Self-climbing ground supports incorporate all the latest developments in safety and usability including hard locks off, head block anti chain slip devices, Sleeve pickups, truss pickups and tower lifting frames, allowing for safe controlled lifting of towers. 

Ground supports for all