Film + TV Productions


Bespoke sets for all productions

Whether it’s a specialist set for a production or the backbone infrastructure for filming, Total Solutions Group can design and manufacture according to your needs. Our design expertise in servicing film and tv is second to none. 

X Factor, Strictly, Pop Idol + More

Small or big, we have you covered

Total Solutions Group can take your ideas for scenery and sets and turn them into reality. By utilising our wealth of experience with scenic construction and manufacture we can make sure you get exactly what you envisaged. However, every good production needs a great filming studio. Total Solutions Group has been at the forefront in providing large scale truss structure to give carrying capacity to newly constructed film studios around the UK. In addition, we have been forging ahead  with our clients, in creating new 360 degree surround LED filming studios keeping UK industry at the forefront of cutting edge technology. 

From TV to film we have you covered