Theatre Solutions


Catering for all venues

Theatres present a unique set of challenges and here at Total Solutions Group we are happy to meet them all. Whether that is with the design and provision of truss style products, catwalks etc, or bespoke lighting pods and access gantries we have a wealth of experience in theatres spanning over 40 years. 

Theatre solutions designed and installed

Small or big, we have you covered

Total Solutions Group has worked with many theatres across the UK and also across the globe providing structures for a variety of needs. No theatre is the same and no one solution fits all. Quite often buildings have interesting structural challenges to overcome, due to their age, and even newly built theatres present interesting design conundrums. Whether you need a new catwalk system, support structures or even a way of gaining access equipment into the building for inspections then we at Total Solutions Group can help find you a solution. 

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