Touring Stage Sets


Sets built to tour

Stage sets are always designed and manufactured with touring in mind. Whilst we can make it look fantastic during the show we will always be thinking of the purse with our attention to details such as truck pack and load in and out times and also often overlooked thing like being robust on tour so you don’t have to seek out local repairs half way around the world.

Built for events and artists touring the world

Small or big, we have you covered

Larger sets are based around our highly flexible Arena Deck staging system offering unparallel flexibility and load capacity. With our flexible, cutting-edge manufacturing facility we can easily adapt to any scope of set,  meaning no set is too big or too small for TSG. With a large onsite space, specifically for test building stage sets and kitted out with a fully carpentry space, we can take on stage sets of any scope and size.

Touring the world over