Mega Hydraulic


The Mega Hydraulic

The Mega Hydraulic Roof, from TSG, is quantum leap in the design of temporary demountable roof systems. The roof uses the much-vaunted TSG Mega Arch Ladder system to create the main grid. The whole grid is elevated into the air via an in-house designed hydraulic lifting system, a huge departure from the traditional self-climbing truss tower. The design is such that the system can accommodate colossal loading capacity with a simple and quick build putting you at the cutting edge of event technology.

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The Mega Hydraulic system and an innovative hydraulic lifting mechanism, revolutionises temporary demountable roof design with its enormous load capacity and quick, efficient construction

Small or big, we have you covered

  • A 22mt high tower will pack into a single 2.4mt x 1.2mt dolly.
  • No secondary operation to lift towers
  • Towers build as you lift
  • System has individual or complete system control with full safety systems and is fully CE marked.
  • Modular and expandable control system.
  • RAMS have a 12 tonne lifting capacity.

Total Solutions Group’s roof systems have been developed over a long period of time and at each stage have taken a technological leap forward.  

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