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Catering for all events

TSG will take your vision and lead you on a journey to realise the product. From design concept through to realisation, our designers, fabricators, and scenic artists are experienced in working on the largest events on the planet.

Supporting sporting events around the world

Small or big, we have you covered

TSG uses the latest design techniques with 3D CAD and automated fabrication to complement our highly skilled fabricators. We specialise in the creation of aluminium structures, both large and small, to create iconic scenic elements. These aluminium fabrications are designed to be lightweight, easily deployable, and flexible.

If the specification requires, we can then take these fabricated structures to the next level with the addition of items like automation and scenic treatment. We can call on a huge amount of expertise and project manage your opening ceremony from design, fabrication, installation through to showtime.

From structures to scenic finishes