Winter Olympics exhibition in Moscow

Winter Olympics exhibition in Moscow

Total Solutions Group was tasked with taking the Winter Olympics opening ceremony to the people of Moscow as part of the Winter Olympics exhibition. Major elements from the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies 20th Century objects were to be re assembled and a plan was formed to make this happen. The exhibition is open for three months in the Pavilion Cosmos, Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, (VDNKh) in Moscow, Russia from 19th December 2014.

The equipment was containerised back in Sochi and the plan was to bring the containers to Moscow. The team had no idea what the condition of the equipment would be like until the container door was opened. Fortunately for all it was all in good shape. It was a good job the crew took the time to pack it well in Sochi!!

Ollie Brown headed up the team of two UK based guys, two of the original Sochi Russian crew, brought in specially, along with assistance from Moscow based crew. The UK based team flew out at the beginning of December.

Elements in the Winter Olympics exhibition include the black Train with Tender, red Truss beams, Derrick Legs, Neck and Head all manufactured in Birmingham. All the objects were flown from the roof or by a ground support erected inside the exhibition hall.

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