Strongbow Tree – Quintessental Productions

Strongbow Tree – Quintessental Productions

This project was about creating a structure for festivals that housed a bar, DJ booth and viewing deck all based around the Strongbow Cider logo. As with most projects, budget was critical and so a lot of the elements came from the existing rental stock of various suppliers and clients to which we had to design all the bespoke bits around.

The structure consisted of a Hired Steel Deck base platform some ‘16mts x 15mts’ in size, which also doubled up as part of the ballast requirement. The central Slick GS truss structure was designed to fix to 6 specially fabricated decking panels that integrated with the steel deck. Within the truss structure was a special scaffold stairway to allow access through the middle of the structure to the top platform where a DJ Booth in the shape of an apple sat, 10mts in the air.

The Middle viewing deck was constructed from a bespoke fabricated substructure supported by a series of round props which again interfaced with the fabricated decking. On top of this was a circular rental stage from All Access Staging along with a set of stairs to be used by the public to access the deck.

The whole central tower was clad by a stretched printed fabric, to form the trunk. This was created by a series of 2d panels opened out from a 3d model. Every Tree needs branches and leaves, so a series of curved tubes with various coloured aluminium profile leaves were attached the top of the structure. With some of these branches over 8mts long, they provided a suitably striking finish to the over all affect.

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