Plymouth University Wavepool

Plymouth University Wavepool

Total Solutions were contacted by Enlightened Lighting to look at designing and supplying a catwalk system to span the University of Plymouths wavepool.

The systems had to connect to the universities existing runway beams that already housed the original steel catwalk. A second steel catwalk was deemed to be too heavy for the needs required and so an aluminium version was commissioned. Even though the loads to be applied to the catwalk were relatively small, the main constraint was there needed to be very minimal deflect and movement when someone walked across it, due to the types of experiments that would be mounted to the structure.

We liaised with Enlightened in designing a modular system that was based on our standard Superbeam catwalk but with effectively two trusses acting as the side of the catwalk. All the flooring was able to hinge to gain access to the underside and all panels were coated with a non-slip finish with punched drainage holes. The ends of the catwalk were attached to the existing runway beams using a fabricated hanger incorporating 4 nylon wheels on each side to facilitate the smooth running of the system. The system had to be able to be moved up and down the track manually.

Once the catwalk was in position it was able to be locked off to a track in the existing wave pool walls to enable maximum stability and also safe access off the walkway.

The whole system was installed in little over half a day with a few nervous moments checking dimensions were millimetre perfect!

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