I Don’t like inspecting truss

I Don’t like inspecting truss

Q; Who says we have to be inspecting our truss every 6 months?

A: Not us

Total Solutions Group stance is simple:

“Aluminium Trusses should be inspected by, and in line with an Examination Scheme based on a Risk Analysis of use drawn up by, a competent person”

Truss modules can be work equipment, lifting equipment or lifting accessories depending on application. Any work equipment that creates a risk must be inspected by a competent person at appropriate intervals to ensure the equipment is safe to use. This is specified in PUWER 1998 (Regulation 6).

LOLER 1998 adds further requirements for thorough examination of lifting equipment by a competent person sufficiently independent of line management to make the inspection/examination and report on its condition to the employer, owner or responsible person.

Guidance in the 2014 Approved Code of Practice for LOLER 1998 states that if the user or owner of the equipment is unable to produce a written examination scheme it will be assumed by the enforcing authority that the intervals specified in the LOLER Regulations are being followed instead.

As the manufacturer we cannot specify frequency of examinations because we don’t have detailed knowledge of how customers use our products. The owner of the truss has the responsibility for making sure the truss is inspected at appropriate intervals.

So, what are you telling me?

Well, simply put you need to assess the risk of the likelihood that the trusses will get damaged and devise an inspection scheme accordingly. If your trusses are put in storage after use for 2 years, then you don’t need to drag them out every 12 months to inspect them. However, if you are throwing them on the back of a truck every week then your examination scheme probably wants to reflect that. Who knows, your regime might have to be daily!

The Risk assessment is the responsibility of the employer of the people using the work equipment. It’s the responsibility of the employer to appoint a Competent Person to prescribe inspection frequency. Assuming you can just examine your inventory every 12 months and thinking it’s good to go for the next 12 months will probably lead you into a false sense of the safety of your product.

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