Truss Repairs – Getting your Truss Fixed

Truss Repairs – Getting your Truss Fixed

At TSG we are happy to carry out truss repairs. Quite often people are surprised as to what we can offer in the way repurposing your existing stock. Below is a list of guidelines of what we can, and cannot do, for reference purposes.

It should be noted that with certain truss types, some options might not be available and it might just be more economical to buy a new piece.

What we can do

Damaged Braces; We can generally cut out and replace these

Replace Connectors; If they are pinned, riveted or bolted into the module.

Cut down; generally we can cut a 3mt into a 2mt, for example

Jig check, re-align; We have ways and means of getting that face to fit

What we Cannot do

Damaged main cords; We cannot weld fill dents. This introduces heat effected zones where heat effective zones should not be!

Twisted Truss; We cannot de-twist the truss. We are just not strong enough.

What we might be able to do

Repair Powder coated truss; Welding on paint is not the best idea for a whole lot of reasons! Some things are possible so it best to talk to us.

What you should never do

Paint your condemned truss black and use it for ‘non-structural purposes

For information on Truss inspection see our post here