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Max. Suspended Length: 8m

Total Vertical: 1000kg, Total/rung: 65kg

Long Spigot: TFT pins & R3 Clips

Dolly Loaded

Lighting Drop Ladders

TSG Drop Ladders are part of the TSG Touring range. They are a modular and flexible system for hanging fixture positions over an 8mt vertical length which all packs down into a flexible dolly system capable of carry all the items for the range and a full complement of accessories.
Key points are as follows.
Drop Ladders.
• 2mts long with an easy yet ridged joining system.
• Each ladder includes 2 fully adjustable bars for attaching fixtures.
• Ladders can take any number of adjustable bars, withing reason.
• Capable of having differing suspension methods i.e., eyebolts or Scaff clamps
• Ladders are open ended to afford maximum space for hanging fixtures.
• Allows for multiply ladders, with or without fixtures to be stored.
• Specific and easy storage point for all accessories.
• Bottom trays for any loose items you might want to carry.
• Can flat pack for storage.
• Adjustable side rails for different support points during transit.
• Robust 125mm dia castors
All items are powder coated black as standard.
In addition, the TSG Drop Ladders are compatible with other items in the TSG Touring range, for example the TML Tuss Multi-Purpose wheel board, providing a flexible system for your various touring needs.

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Item Codes, Weights and Dimensions

Material Specifications

  • Main Cord: 48.4mm x 4.47mm
  • Braces: 48.4mm x 4.47mm
  • Material Specifications: EN AW-6082 T6
  • Fixings: Long Spigot: TFT pins & R3 Clips

Design Specification

Manufactured in accordance with

  • BS EN 1090-3:2008 : Technical Requirements for aluminium structures
  • EN ISO 9001:2015 : Quality management systems
  • BS EN 1999 Pt 1-1 : Design of Aluminium Structures, General structural rules
  • EN17115: Entertainment Technology : Specifications for design, manufacture of aluminium
    and steel trusses and towers

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