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469.9 x 711.2 mm

2845 kg's UDL at 9m

M16 x 45mm grade 8.8 HT Nuts & bolts

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

This truss is capable of spanning up to 24 metres and is designed to cope with high loads. Due to it’s size and strength, Heavy Duty truss is ideal for supporting heavy point loads like P.A. clusters and video walls and is well suited for use in our Outdoor Stage Roof design.

Material Specifications

  • Main Cord: 50.8mm x 3.25mm
  • Braces: 38.1mm x 3.25mm
  • Material: EN AW-6082 T6
  • Fixings: M16 x 45mm grade 8.8 HT Nuts & bolts


  • Circles
  • Angled Corners
  • Bespoke Lengths
  • Hinges and Swivels

Design Specification

Manufactured in accordance with

  • BS EN 1090-3:2008 : Technical Requirements for aluminium structures
  • EN ISO 9001:2008 : Quality management systems
  • BS EN 1999 Pt 1-1 : Design of Aluminium Structures, General structural rules
  • prEN 17115 : Entertainment Technology – Specification for design and manufacture of aluminium
    and steel trusses.

Load Terms

  • All loads are given in Kilograms
  • Allowance has been made for self-weight of truss
  • Allowance has been made for frequent use factor of 85% according to prEN17115
  • The payload of the truss has been calculated as a permanent action. Should it be necessary to consider
  • the payload as a variable action, the tabulated figures should be reduced to 90% of the given values.

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