Features at a glance



350 x 350 mm

Nominal 2500 kg's

Conical and tapered

gs tower

GS Tower

GS Tower is the original Slick ground support system that has been substantially redesigned in recent years to incorporate all the latest safety features. With its ability to pack into an easy and compact unit this is the tower touring with medium to heavy weight truss systems.


Head Block; 2GH, 2GHT, 2GHS – Features include, Safety chain capture to stop the chain coming out of the block in the unlikely event that the hoist chain jumps the pulley wheels, Secondary set of connection pins to allow for secondary Safety wheel to be fitted once the system is at height, Optional Anenometer mounting bracket, Utilises the standard OV bolt on connector for maximum versatility, Carry handles built in for ease of use.

Sleeve Block; 1GTB – Features include, The ability to connect multiple truss types, Nylon internally mounted wheels for safe capture of tower.

Base Unit; 2GB/Z, 1GB – Features include, Lifting Eye for easy connection of motor, Wheels for ease of moving, Locking pins attached so they cannot be lost or forgotten, Detachable Outriggers, Robust Steel construction, Fast use leveling jacks.

Tower Lifting Frame; MTLF – Allows for the safe erection of the tower using a motor to control both the lift and descent. No working at height is necessary for this operation.

Material Specifications

  • Mast Type: 35cm x 35cm
  • Horizontal Truss Types: Minibeam, GS Truss, Novabeam, Maxibeam or Folding
  • Material Specifications: EN AW-6082 T6
  • Fixings: Fork End : GP pins & R3 Clips
  • Tower Capacity: Nominal 2500 kgs

Design Specification

Manufactured in accordance with

  • BS EN 1090-3:2008 : Technical Requirements for aluminium structures
  • EN ISO 9001:2008 : Quality management systems
  • BS EN 17115:2018 : Specifications for design and manufacture of aluminium and steel

Load Terms

  • All loads are given in Kilograms
  • Allowance has been made for self-weight of truss
  • The payload of the truss has been calculated as a permanent action. Should it be necessary to consider the payload as a variable action, the tabulated figures should be reduced to 90% of the given values

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