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675.5 x 675.5 mm

4791 kg's UDL at 8 m

TFT pins & R3 Clips

Extra Heavy Duty

Extra Heavy Duty

Extra Heavy Duty Truss has exceptionally high load handling capabilities making it ideal for use in the larger outdoor roof structures. Additional facilities allow other roof interface components to work efficiently with this truss.

Load/Span Table

Span (m)2468101214161820222426283032
UDL kg60155970592457914551371030962624224719371674144812501074915770
UDL kN60.159.759.257.945.537.130.926.222.519.416.714.512.510.79.17.7
Theoretical Deflection (mm)1413314867891131381631872102312482592265
Central Point kg308730422996289522761855154813121124968837724625537457385
Central Point kN30.930.43028.922.718.515.513.
Theoretical Deflection (mm)0.53112538547190110130150168185198208212
Third Points kg415541104064401933572782232219681686145312561086938805686578
Third Points kN41.541.140.640.233.527.823.219.716.914.512.510.99.486.95.8
Theoretical Deflection (mm)0.441329486991115141166191215236253265271
Quarter Points kg415541104064401933572782232219681686145312561086938805686578
Quarter Points kN41.541.140.640.233.527.823.219.716.914.512.510.99.486.95.8
Theoretical Deflection (mm)0.331227456485107131155178200219235246252

Cantilever Load Table

SpanUDL kNUDL kgEdge Point Load kNEdge Point Load kgCentral Point Load kNCentral Point Load kg
Deflection (mm)

Item Codes, Weights and Dimensions

Item CodeItem DescriptionItem DimensionsItem Weight
EHD0.5MExtra HD 0.5M Truss Section500x676x676 mm12.5 kg
EHD1MExtra HD 1M Truss Section1000x676x676 mm21 kg
EHD1.5MExtra HD 1.5M Truss Section1500x676x676 mm27 kg
EHD2MExtra HD 2M Truss Section2000x676x676 mm38 kg
EHD2.5MExtra HD 2.5M Truss Section2500x676x676 mm46.5 kg
EHD3MExtra HD 3M Truss Section3000x676x676 mm55 kg
EHD4MExtra HD 4M Truss Section4000x676x676 mm63.5 kg
EHDC4Extra HD 4 Way Corner Section825x825x676 mm39 kg
EHDS4Extra HD Sleeve Section825x825x676 mm48 kg

Material Specifications

  • Main Cord: 50.8mm x 6.25mm
  • Braces: 38.1mm x 3.25mm
  • Material: EN AW-6082 T6
  • Fixings: Fork End : TFT pins & R3 Clips


  • Circles
  • Angled Corners
  • Bespoke Lengths
  • Hinges and Swivels

Design Specification

Manufactured in accordance with

  • BS EN 1090-3:2008 : Technical Requirements for aluminium structures
  • EN ISO 9001:2008 : Quality management systems
  • BS EN 1999 Pt 1-1 : Design of Aluminium Structures, General structural rules
  • BS EN 17115:2018 : Specifications for design and manufacture of aluminium and steel

Load Terms

  • All loads are given in Kilograms
  • Allowance has been made for self-weight of truss
  • Allowance has been made for frequent use factor of 85% according to prEN17115
  • The payload of the truss has been calculated as a permanent action. Should it be necessary to consider the payload as a variable action, the tabulated figures should be reduced to 90% of the given values.

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