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1558 kg's UDL at 9 m

TP pins & R3 Clip

lad truss

Moving Light Truss LAD

LAD Truss is a highly mobile and versatile truss system used to house moving lights whilst
maintaining the ability to transport and store compactly in both the truck and warehouse.

  • Ability to tour complete
  • Legs can be folded for both storage / transport / deployment
  • Truss can be stacked with legs folded in or out
  • Designed to house various moving light fixtures
  • Allows 4 trusses across the width of truck
  • No loose components.

Material Specifications

  • Main Cord: 48.4mm x 4.47mm
  • Braces: 25.4mm x 3.25mm
  • Material Specifications: EN AW-6082 T6
  • Fixings: Fork End : TP pins & R3 Clip


  • Circles
  • Angled Corners
  • Bespoke Lengths
  • Hinges and Swivels

Design Specification

Manufactured in accordance with

  • BS EN 1090-3:2008 : Technical Requirements for aluminium structures
  • EN ISO 9001:2008 : Quality management systems
  • BS EN 1999 Pt 1-1 : Design of Aluminium Structures, General structural rules
  • CWA15902-2 : Specifications for design, manufacture and for use of aluminium and steel
    trusses and towers
  • CE Certified

Load Terms

  • All loads are given in Kilograms
  • Allowance has been made for self-weight of truss
  • Allowance has been made for frequent use factor of 83%
  • The payload of the truss has been calculated as a permanent action. Should it be necessary to consider the payload as a variable action, the tabulated figures should be reduced to 90% of the given values.

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